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  • All mosquito killing lights can not be placed in chemical warehouses, oil depots, oil stations and places where children can be touched.
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Emergency sterilization and rescue vehicle

Emergency sterilization and rescue vehicle

Vehicle mounted integrated hydraulic open structure function
Flexible solar receiving conversion: >DC24V15AH
Solar gel free maintenance Battery: >DC24V200A
Inverter output: AC220V3KW/H
Emergency power output: Ac220V6KW/H
DC power output: Dc24V
Power consumption of equipment:
Mixed sterilization water treatment: 12TH
Bactericidal mixture concentration (open space): 08-2.0PPM
Sterilization species: ashes, powdery mildew, anthrax, cricket, brown spot fungus, downy mildew, ulcer fungus, all kinds of virus fungus transmission, etc.
Equipment features: temporary emergency power supply for disaster areas, non-pesticide physical sterilization, sewage treatment, no pesticide residues, no secondary pollution, no carcinogens, environmental protection, while for agricultural clothing crops sterilization, promote the growth of agricultural clothing crops.



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