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LX-MN-7  60 grams of oxygen source water vapor mixing agricultural sterilizer

LX-MN-7 60 grams of oxygen source water vapor mixing agricultural sterilizer

LXMN-7 (automated design technology)
Austrian oxygen production (g/h): 60
Using power: 220V 50Hz (China Sales)
Weight (kg):
Power (kw): 3.65
Length * width * height (mm): 1200*750*1100
The product is an advanced automatic oxygen production technology, high concentration ozone generation technology and water-air mixed spraying and drip irrigation technology as one of the integrated agricultural sterilization equipment for large-scale agricultural planting, livestock breeding and other rapid space spraying sterilization. The leaf mold, downy mildew, gray thunder, early blight, late blight, powdery mildew, anthrax, Yellow Dragon disease and ulcer disease were killed instantly by water-gas mixing method. At the same time, the killing of mosquito eggs and the deodorization of animal manure were also carried out. No additives, no two pollution and carcinogenic substances. This is another innovative revolution of pesticide-free cultivation in the clothing industry, laying the foundation and basis for the full implementation of pollution-free cultivation in the future, promoting a bumper harvest in agriculture and protecting human health.



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