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  • All mosquito killing lights can not be placed in chemical warehouses, oil depots, oil stations and places where children can be touched.
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LX-ZN-9 Solar energy agricultural pest killing device
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LX-ZN-9 Solar energy agricultural pest killing device

Bracket material: stainless steel, surface electrostatic spray.
Power grid material: stainless steel
Solar panels: high efficiency polysilicon 18V 30W
Battery: lithium battery 12VDC 32AH
Total working current: 1500mA
Power grid high voltage: 6KV
Grid current: less than 5mA
Power: 18W
Plant protection and insecticidal area: 5000-6000 square meters (8-9 mu, 360 degrees large area insecticidal), obstacles or light interference in the case of the scope of 600 square meters.
Method of killing insects: double frequency vibration mode




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