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  • All mosquito killing lights can not be placed in chemical warehouses, oil depots, oil stations and places where children can be touched.
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LX-ZN-2 Solar energy agricultural pest killing device

LX-ZN-2 Solar energy agricultural pest killing device

Support: hardware, stainless steel, static electricity, surface sprayed.
Lamp shade, power grid: stainless steel
Solar panels: high pressure polysilicon
Voltage: 12V (DC)
Current: 15A
Power: 18W
Coverage: 4000-5000 square meters (360 degrees mosquito control)
Light source: 365 + 50NM long UV mixed light dual light source
High voltage power grid: 3KV, current <5MA
Water (rain) protection device: work safely under wet and rainy conditions.
Packing: 1PC/72CM*45CM*64CM/40 kg chest.



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