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  • All mosquito killing lights can not be placed in chemical warehouses, oil depots, oil stations and places where children can be touched.
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LX-MN-3 10 gram indoor wall type air source sterilizer

LX-MN-3 10 gram indoor wall type air source sterilizer

XMN3 (timing automatic control technology)
Ozone production (g/h): 10
Using power: 220V 50Hz [China sales]
Weight (kg):
Power (W): 32
Length * width * height (mm): 600*145*230
Products using advanced ozone technology, design reasonable suitable for public places, conference rooms, auditoriums, hospital space sterilization and disinfection, effective prevention of all kinds of bacteria and viruses cross-infection, especially in newly decorated homes and units, formaldehyde oxidation decomposition of air purification effect is obvious, does not produce secondary pollution and carcinogens, beneficial to human health.
Function: no two pollution, green environmental protection, effective killing all kinds of fungi.



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